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Theresa Ivancik

Friday, June 12, 2015

I'm surprised by how many female bodybuilders I've discovered in the last 18 months or so. Theresa's not exactly new on the scene of female muscle but after having seen a good few pictures and reading her story I'd have to say this woman has come on in leaps and bounds in roughly the last 5 or 6 years.
With all these multiple categories we have in the competitions, it's quite common these days to see women switch over from one to another. Some girls do it because of a judges opinion and likewise it's plain to see that she belongs elsewhere, just for the obvious fact of where her natural genes are suited to.
So here, once again, we have a figure girl transformed in to full on big hardcore bodybuilder.

Although Theresa's story is the kind I really enjoy! She didn't switch over to bodybuilding because of the advice of her peers or a panel of judges. In fact most were surprised to see her get bigger and BIGGER!!
Here's what Theresa says of her decision to transform from figure to bodybuilder. "In figure, I didn't look how I wanted to look. I love the muscle look and looking more dominant!"

I'm always slightly disheartened if and when I find that a woman has only really taken up becoming a bodybuilder because of her natural genetic makeup. I'm not trying to say that these particular individuals aren't passionate about competing and training, it's just the thing that their body has decided what's gonna happen rather that an out and out desire to WANT to build a big muscular physique!

So as always (or most of the time) I'll start off with a picture that shows her transformation, and a quite startling one at that, even compared to other transformations that I've featured. The left picture shows what nature intended for Theresa. The right picture is what Theresa intended for Theresa! Just awesome seeing this kind of thing!!


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